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Attention Dear David

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Wed, June 19, 2013 22:46:30

Dial up all your spin now and tell us some more of your lies,

but you know it won't save your party from a very big surprise,

for there are still more debts growing despite all of your cuts,

by the end of your term in power we'll fight for old shanty huts,

for the truth is our country owes much more than do the Greeks,

Nine times our GDP is what your chum Osborne really seeks...

Do you think there is a world lottery we can win to pay of all that debt,

we may have some wool pulled over our eyes but no we're not that wet,

so spin as many new lies to cover up those you have already told,

the fact is that we've no real money to provide for the jobless and the old.

Those are who you seek to keep down while giving cash back to the rich,

more are without work now since you came to sell your cut backs pitch,

many served their country in the forces now being pared hard yet again,

men and women who are cast aside after years of hardship and pain.

Tricks with juggling numbers have been played before our very eyes,

but you are no magician and there will be no rescue from the skies,

yet still you give your buddies tax cuts and increase the MP's pay,

while they are busy raking more in with all the outside jobs each day.

Meantime the food banks try to meet the needs of the downtrodden,

those who get less benefits than you could pay your wine bills on,

while you claim DLA and expenses and so much more from us,

as if having all of your millions were not enough of a buzz...

The saddest thing about politics is spin can't make a bad choice good,

professional lies are still crimes which once they are understood

will bring your pack of cards down and turf you from number ten,

you have more chance of knitting fog than being elected once again.

There are lies, damn lies and statistics as we have been told for so long,

but the lies you spin now give off a smell that's so fearfully strong,

it could knock over the Parliament Houses with consummate ease,

so don't strike a match at question time, I'm begging with you please!

For if those buildings are not as good for their main purpose any more,

the fact is that tourists come to visit them and spend their cash for sure,

and with our climate more erratic now than it has been since the smog,

we will need all those revenues to give some poor folk a summer job.

But where are the real jobs going to be coming from Mr Cameron,

cutting benefits does not create work places for my own jobless son,

with hundreds chasing every single job that is advertised anywhere,

reality is you are cutting futures for our young people without care.

We need true community spirit, and yet all you seek to do is to divide,

branding those without work as scroungers, can't you leave them any pride,

when there are jobs to be had for everyone, then all will be out to work,

but by failing to ensure that it is your responsibilities that you shirk.

For you head up the government, which should serve us one and all,

but far from being the big man we need you are now looking very small,

blaming it all on others is not the way to solve the woes we all share,

the best thing that you could do next is to prove you know how to care.

Yes we hear about your family who you must protect at all costs of course,

but it is no different for any parent, though we can't buy ours a Porche,

we will settle for a stable life within a structure that we can sustain,

not one that crumbles with the boom and bust that visits us once again.

So come and get your finger out for more than pointing at those who seek,

to find a job even though there are none to find, week on week on week,

If all your chums with tax scams employed people here, not over seas,

there would be more taxes to collect and less people begging on the streets.


June 18th 2013

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