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Disabled Victories

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Tue, September 11, 2012 04:01:18

In Great Britain, we have witnessed, with unprecedented enthusiasm, the huge achievements of our Paralympians in winning a total of 120 medals and achieving sell out attendances from the British public - far exceeding the expectations of everyone involved.

But how swift were our team to use their newfound media exposure to condemn the actions of the coalition government in seeking to re-classify huge numbers of the disabled members of our society in a bid to slash the fiscal support given to those who have already suffered the cruelty of physical deprivation.

Our paralympic athletes have spoken out against Prime Minister David Cameron and his very unpopular Chancellor, George Osborne, the man responsible for paying mega millions of pounds in contracts awarded to private companies that use 'tick boxes' to arrive at decisions on the fate of the disabled.

Many hundreds of thousands of disabled people face big reductions in their fiscal support when their Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is ­replaced with ­Personal Independence Payments as part of a cost-cutting plan.

Last week George Osborne was comprehensively booed as he had the hypocrisy to face the 80,000-strong crowd at the ­Olympic ­Stadium in London, to present medals to winning Paralympians.

Competitors told of their anger at the Coalition cuts which will see benefits worth between £20 and £131.50 a week slashed next year, while company directors and shareholders will enjoy much greater financial gains from their involvement in the process. Many charities who exist to help disabled people also spoke out about these coalition plans - it is they who will no doubt strive to do what they can to assist people in appeals against the decisions that reduce their support.

Speaking as one of those waiting to have the call for reassessment of my disability, I am already aware that the harm done in pursuit of these 'savings' will cost society dearly - look at the stats for sudden deaths among those that have had benefits removed - about 4 per DAY! Stress, depression and sheer desperation have lead some to suicide and others to succumb to heart attacks, strokes, etc. Of those that have appealed against the decision, around 40% have so far won their appeals, underlining how poor the decision making process has been.

If the net result of these decisions was to take fit people out of the DLA benefit system and make real savings, then maybe it would have some value - but those people are still going to be unemployed, along with the 2.5 million fit people who cannot get work in the current economy. In reality, if you take one benefit away from those people, are they not then entitled to another benefit, or do they really live on 'thin air'?

It is merely political posturing at the expense of some of the most vulnerable people in society - attempting to show that this government can make savings in the benefit bills, while paying mega millions to the companies that use tick boxes to reassess people who have previously been assessed by their doctors and surgeons - the people who actually know what they are doing!

The money may seem to be saved if we look at raw stats - but when you take into account the contract payments, the increase in other benefit payments and the sheer cost in human lives - who can really believe there is a saving at all?

Mega rich people and companies continue to bypass the tax laws with one clever scheme after another, politicians found to have over claimed expenses are all too quickly found another juicy post and the banks who have been blamed for causing the misery of the current fiscal debacle still cream off huge salaries, bonuses and share options that could have kept many severely disadvantaged (and often sadly silent) people just above the bread line - at no cost to the average taxpayer who has no means of wriggling out of PAYE and other taxes.

Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne need to be held to account and if there was any real democratic power for the general public, we should have option to impeach them and any other politicians who expect the solution to the nation's fiscal woes to come from those with little power to make themselves heard.

Disabled people have won many applauded victories this summer - now it is time for us to ensure they win the biggest battle of all - the right to life without a begging bowl!

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Posted by esther Tue, March 26, 2013 04:42:19

hi, yes i totally agree. I have just received notice that the ILF which funds part of my care is going to be stopped in just over 1.5 years time. That means I will have to have less care and lose a member of staff. The North / South Divide seems to be now not a geographical instance, but a real man made 'need of greed'. The rich are getting richer. I do my best by buying second hand. I eat toast so the kids eat properly and dont ever have to worry about food, money, heating etc. I hope they move on to pastures knew in the future as the mature into adults - abroad with hope. For me it matters not as my body is falling apart but for the children I WILL do anything to keep them safe and well. I have often wondered if David Cameron has ever gone to bed worrying how to pay a heating bill and feed the kids? esther