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A New Day Dawns

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Mon, September 03, 2012 11:34:16

Her yellowed eyes weren't blinking,
despite so very many crawling flies,
seen to be covering her stilled face,
nor did she hear the fearful cries,
of the many other children around her,
as they all lay weak and forelorn,
and we all knew that many more voices,
would be stilled before the new day's dawn.

Those swollen bellies of edema, cruelly deceive the eye,
malnourished as they are, yet still so very rotund,
a mean trick upon those who have so little protein,
their stick thin legs and arms lying limp and moribund.

Meanwhile back in our big cities, the bins bulge too,
with waste food that would have saved lives in the right place,
and people are dying with obesely swollen bellies and chaffed thighs,
would they not have wished they had instead, fed some distant face?

Maybe in the future, will we learn to balance all we do,
and let all the world know we are but one human race,
ready to spend less on the baubles that the ad men push so hard,
as a new day dawns for all, would be a gift of grace...

November 4th 2010
Edited September 2nd 2012

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