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Clobbering The Disabled

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Sat, August 04, 2012 19:55:15

Here in the United Kingdom, we are in real danger of becoming Dis-United through the harsh actions of the current government.

The most vulnerable of our 'have nots' are being truly clobbered by a process of re-examining the disabilities of those who have been registered disabled on the opinion of their doctor and in many cases their surgeon too.

This has come about by the government placing contracts worth many millions of tax payers money with companies who use 'tick box' forms to arrive at points for each diabled person they check.

The Channel 4 Dispatches investigation clearly revealed how unfit for purpose the tick box approach has been. While I am registered disabled due to spinal injuries limiting my mobility and making me dependent upon a cocktail of pain medications, I am hugely concerned for those I consider to be at undue risk of losing the benefits they depend.

If there were any jobs available for the fit population of over 2.5 million unemployed, then we might see some justification in listing unfit people for work. But there are extremely low prospects for them, so the exercise in spending many millions on contracts to companies just to reduce the list of disabled smells very strongly of politics coming before common sense!

Personally I have moments like now when the chemical fog allows me to use the internet - and I would be more than capable of contributing something if I could gain employment that allowed me to work from home during the times when pain was not dominating my life. After all I have a verified top 1% IQ, many years of experience in technical writing, good graphics origination skills and a flare for poetry that has brought me a chunk of online awards and a published collection.

But I don't see a queue of companies wishing to take advantage of my skills - they all want able bodied people who would be 'more reliable' than someone with ongoing health issues... So how will unskilled, physically disabled people manage to find work in a country where the economy is in the vice like grip of a double dip recession? No sensible answers to that question have come from the government...

It is notable that the one organization designed to employ disabled people in special facilities, Remploy, has been forced to close half of their 54 factories, closures that will result in the loss of independent income for many of the best placed disabled people! So they will ADD to the vast numbers of 'have nots' who will face poverty below the bread line for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile the ultra rich are getting richer, with their fancy schemes for avoiding the tax laws, the gap between them and the average UK workers grows exponentially and the bread line families who through no fault of their own are required to pay back tax credits after the Inland Revenue made big errors, are left struggling to live on even less than before!

Time for a re-think Mr Cameron, before your government deservedly earns the reputation of quite the most inhumane in recent British history!

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