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Let's Get Real Jobs Back Again

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Mon, September 03, 2012 12:07:52

So far the Coalition government in the UK has failed to give us any confidence in their policies bringing about a recovery to the economy. Sooner or later the public will lose patience altogether and stop accepting excuses about the problems they inherited from the previous administration, etc, etc. They are in charge now and must fulfil their promises or there is a real danger that society will wake one morning to find that another incident has triggered more riots and looting as seen last year.

How about starting a recovery in the economy to turn things around before we reach collapse like that seen in Greece? Like giving jobs to people rather than machines - after all, very few machines have a home and family depending upon them! So far this government has managed to engineer far more job losses than real jobs created.

Oh and none of those machines pop out to the shops to buy groceries, clothes, furniture, etc, so they won't contribute to a revival in the retail and wholesale trades either, nor do they pay taxes... The false claims of big business that they need to automate more to keep production in the UK are often cover stories - in reality the savings they make get used to make the rich richer, with all those clever tax avoidance schemes making a total mockery of 'fair taxation'.

You never know, it could become a trend - employ people - get a big reduction in benefits bills, get more income tax revenues, more tax revenues from the increased retail sales that would follow as people begin to have a living income again!

Even better, find fewer companies going bust, more house sales to breathe life back into the building industry, which always brings more sales to the DIY and furnishing retailers.

And maybe the government could stop giving private companies billion pound plus contracts, just to find ways of depriving disabled people of the paltry benefits that keep them from sitting at the back of the queues for jobs that simply do not exist!!!

There are no real savings to be made by merely shifting people from one benefit to another, knowing that they will never be employed while 2.5 million fit people are already without jobs.

What we can be sure of is that the companies paid vast sums to play with the classifications of disability are paying high salaries and bonuses to their directors and payments to shareholders which have been taken out of the pockets of people who already lead blighted lives.

This is our country and our government - meant to work for the electorate as a whole, not to decimate the social welfare systems that have prevented meltdown of society.

And as an aging population find their pensions are almost worthless compared to expectations, will we see a wave of properties being sold to finance retirement - leading to a fall in property values and more negative equity problems? We have seen many care homes failing as their clients have insufficient funds to pay for spiralling costs - the situation is only going to get worse as local authorities continue to be squeezed...

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