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London Olympics 2012

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Mon, August 13, 2012 00:13:02

The magnificence of the opening ceremony at the London Olympics has been equaled by the glorious star studded closing ceremony which I have just been watching.

My Congratulations to the USA team for coming out top in the Olympic Medals Table, and of course our British team for significantly outperforming the expectations we had of them. As a small island nation we did rather well securing 3rd place very comfortably behind the vastly larger Chinese and American nations.

Now it is over I think even Mitt Romney will need to concede he made a huge gaff in his ill judged comments before the event started. He seems destined for failure in his campaign for the White House (trailing badly in the polls) and how comforting it is to know that long after his name has faded from view, the 2012 London Olympics will be remembered in history for their outstanding success in every regard.

┬ęD Poet Rhumour
August 12th 2012

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