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Health Is Your Real Wealth

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Thu, June 07, 2012 18:28:36
Health Is Your Real Wealth

The Heart

Don't wait until it is broken!

I have personal experience of how symptoms that may not immediately appear to be heart related can be overlooked - my own wife suffered from 'chesty' symptoms for a couple of weeks before going to see the doctor about a possible infection. As she was only middle aged it didn't seem probable that anything serious was amiss, but that delay in seeking attention was to prove a serious ommision.

As we grow older we are naturally more aware of all the ilnesses that can affect us - we've probably spent a good bit of time visiting sick family and friends, often noticing many other patients when we went to hospitals and thinking we were lucky not to be a patient there too.

But even if we have enjoyed robust health all our lives, we might find ourselves suddenly taken ill with the effects of age - and one of the main worries can be that of a heart attack.

Here are some symptoms that you might experience as early warnings that you might be in danger of a heart attack - it is always worth being cautious and having a check up if you feel any of these!

1) Severe fatigue that lasts for several days is a possible sign of heart trouble that’s often overlooked or explained away. People often look back after a heart attack and mention this symptom.

If you’re normally a fairly energetic person and then suddenly feel sidelined by fatigue, it might not be a 'bug', so go and see your doctor.

2) If you have nausea or stomach pain ranging from mild indigestion to severe cramping & vomiting. Adults over 60 are more likely to experience this symptom and not think of heart troubles. If you feel a sudden stomach issue that is unlike your usual experience, arrange a check up and rest until it eases.

3) Pain in your neck or jaw - this can be a sign of heart trouble, also if you get shoulder, chest or arm pains. The distinguishing factor is often that the pain is rather sharp, but unlike when you may have pulled a muscle it comes and goes.

4) Loss of breath - if your heart isn’t getting enough oxygen due to restricted blood vessels you may feel unable to draw a deep breath. Other symptoms can be light-headedness or dizziness. You may like most people think being short of breath as being trouble with the lungs, like a chest infection coming on, but it may be your heart that is in trouble. It was symptoms like these that affected my late wife first.

5) Leg pains or swelling - if your heart is struggling then your extremeties may suffer loss of blood flow first, causing swelling at the ankles or feet, or pain in your legs. Blood clots may be forming in the legs and those can break free and travel to the heart if left untreated.

6) Flu type symptoms - clammy, sweating skin, with light-headed feelings, fatigue and weakness may make you think you are coming down with the flu when you may be having a heart attack. Heaviness or pressure in the chest are typical of some people’s experience in a heart attack but may be confused with having a chest cold or the flu.

Other symptoms can also be connected with heart troubles - sleeplessness, a rapid pulse, ears popping, just feeling 'out of sorts' - any of these can indicate there is trouble brewing. Don't worry about being a nuisance as many people do, just get along to the doctor and get checked over before it gets worse! You will be doing the medics a favour too, as it is easier to treat you before you collapse.

If you have already been treated for High blood pressure then your doctor will probably want to see you sooner, so do tell the receptionist that you are concerned about possible chest or heart issues.

Sources for this article include 'Healthy Living Daily' as well as the image above located via Yahoo images.

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