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Time For Change In The World

Life and all that...Posted by Dave Dunn Tue, February 07, 2012 20:12:19

It is surely now Time for more balance in the world's distribution of resources of every kind.

Everyone is aware of how the world economy has been driven into recession by the foolish actions of a minority of bankers and other financial sector executives - yet it is left to the majority of people to suffer the real consequences as both business and government sectors have made cut backs.

Around the world many millions have been left unemployed, with no real prospect yet of new jobs to keep them and their families fed and housed.

In some countries, such as the UK, the government is even cutting back on support for the disabled amongst society -people with perhaps the least power to protest about their treatment, as well as placing extra financial burdens upon the unemployed with a series of measures that have driven the basic costs of living ever higher while incomes are static or dropping.

We have endured huge rises in fuel costs to heat our homes, transport costs rising far quicker than inflation, food rising ever more, and facilities that both the elderly and the unemployed have previously relied upon for some comfort during the day, such as libraries and community centres, being closed to save a small amount.

Many of the cost rises are influenced by external factors, but still the government has applied higher taxes to basic items, to petrol and diesel fuels, etc, so they cannot deny causing hardship to the most vulnerable people in the population, many of whom have lost their homes and endured other stressful experiences because of the recession.

And those problems are as nothing, compared to the people in the 'third world' who continue to suffer from cruel natural circumstances such as droughts, crop failures, etc, as well as lacking many of the basic infrastructure that everyone reading this will be used to enjoying - education, health care and permanent housing.

Yes, there are members of the super rich community that have been turning their attention to giving large parts of their wealth to deserving causes - Bill Gates is one example that many could follow if they truly
believe in caring for the under privileged.

What we need however, is a massive change in attitude from top businessmen and politicians - the billions of people in the world that are increasingly prepared to protest about their shabby treatment won't be prepared to endure much more before they rise up as in the Arab Spring, the London protests, the Wall street protests, etc.

We can all exert peaceful pressures upon those in charge, we can demand to know where all the money our banks lost ended up (surely few believe we have been told the real truth on that) and we can call for truly democratic distribution of resources for all..

The internet is a very powerful tool for communication and can be put to good use by the majority to ensure their voices are heard more clearly than ever before - national boundaries and the suppresson of free speech are no longer preventing the majority from accessing information and organizing protests via the web.

It is Time for Peaceful, but determined actions - it is no longer sufficient to grumble amongst our friends and neighbours in our own countries, grumble on a truly World scale instead!

January 16th 2012

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