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No Time To Sit Still

Life and all that...Posted by Dave Dunn Fri, February 25, 2011 18:49:21

The UK has far exceeded it's function of policing the world by military intervention - it has cost us dearly in both casualty and fiscal terms and our economy is in rather worse shape than the previous government and our new coalition have been prepared to reveal by more than drip feeding.

Inevitably the severe cuts now being made in government spending are leading to large job cuts - as well as leaving our navy without a single aircraft carrier and scrapping the new fleet of Nimrod aircraft which will leave a big hole in our air defense capabilities.

As has been observed by several of our senior military figures we would struggle to mount even a modest military intervention now, and after we withdraw from Afghanistan the army will see more cuts....

But none of that prevents us from signing petitions to encourage the UN to exert more pressure on Gadafi or other dictators who are after all on the verge of being overwhelmed by their own people - they don't need physical intervention by anyone else, just recognition.

One of the great benefits that the web has brought to the masses is an effective way to make their voices heard - 'ground up' initiatives are destined to be more and more important in the future and will undercut the power of many politicians, be they dictators or not.

This is no time to sit still and watch while so many changes are going on in the world - we will see the industrial might of China and that of India rise sharply whatever our governments in Europe and the USA & Canada do.

But with the power of the web to link us up with other like minded people we can bring pressure to bear upon tyrants and governments and big business - the collective voice of everyday people is a powerful emerging force that we should welcome and make full use of.....

February 24th 2011

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