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Let's All Sign

Life and all that...Posted by Dave Dunn Thu, February 24, 2011 14:21:45

People are in pain wherever we look,
Egypt, now Libya, isn't it time we took,
the time to send a message to all in power,
to say that injustice must end this very hour...

There is misery enough in the world already,
Haiti, now New Zealand, bear a toll so heavy,
just from disasters that mankind didn't make,
why let more suffer for some dictators sake?

Every year we hear more of disastrous floods,
always there are appeals for urgent goods,
just to keep the survivors free from disease
and starvation, plus medics and rescue teams.

Let's all sign the petitions & lobby ministries,
stir the politicians into some preventive remedies,
why wait for the deaths of so many more
if we can push a few dictators out through the door....

February 24th 2011

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