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Attention Dear David

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Wed, June 19, 2013 22:46:30

Dial up all your spin now and tell us some more of your lies,

but you know it won't save your party from a very big surprise,

for there are still more debts growing despite all of your cuts,

by the end of your term in power we'll fight for old shanty huts,

for the truth is our country owes much more than do the Greeks,

Nine times our GDP is what your chum Osborne really seeks...

Do you think there is a world lottery we can win to pay of all that debt,

we may have some wool pulled over our eyes but no we're not that wet,

so spin as many new lies to cover up those you have already told,

the fact is that we've no real money to provide for the jobless and the old.

Those are who you seek to keep down while giving cash back to the rich,

more are without work now since you came to sell your cut backs pitch,

many served their country in the forces now being pared hard yet again,

men and women who are cast aside after years of hardship and pain.

Tricks with juggling numbers have been played before our very eyes,

but you are no magician and there will be no rescue from the skies,

yet still you give your buddies tax cuts and increase the MP's pay,

while they are busy raking more in with all the outside jobs each day.

Meantime the food banks try to meet the needs of the downtrodden,

those who get less benefits than you could pay your wine bills on,

while you claim DLA and expenses and so much more from us,

as if having all of your millions were not enough of a buzz...

The saddest thing about politics is spin can't make a bad choice good,

professional lies are still crimes which once they are understood

will bring your pack of cards down and turf you from number ten,

you have more chance of knitting fog than being elected once again.

There are lies, damn lies and statistics as we have been told for so long,

but the lies you spin now give off a smell that's so fearfully strong,

it could knock over the Parliament Houses with consummate ease,

so don't strike a match at question time, I'm begging with you please!

For if those buildings are not as good for their main purpose any more,

the fact is that tourists come to visit them and spend their cash for sure,

and with our climate more erratic now than it has been since the smog,

we will need all those revenues to give some poor folk a summer job.

But where are the real jobs going to be coming from Mr Cameron,

cutting benefits does not create work places for my own jobless son,

with hundreds chasing every single job that is advertised anywhere,

reality is you are cutting futures for our young people without care.

We need true community spirit, and yet all you seek to do is to divide,

branding those without work as scroungers, can't you leave them any pride,

when there are jobs to be had for everyone, then all will be out to work,

but by failing to ensure that it is your responsibilities that you shirk.

For you head up the government, which should serve us one and all,

but far from being the big man we need you are now looking very small,

blaming it all on others is not the way to solve the woes we all share,

the best thing that you could do next is to prove you know how to care.

Yes we hear about your family who you must protect at all costs of course,

but it is no different for any parent, though we can't buy ours a Porche,

we will settle for a stable life within a structure that we can sustain,

not one that crumbles with the boom and bust that visits us once again.

So come and get your finger out for more than pointing at those who seek,

to find a job even though there are none to find, week on week on week,

If all your chums with tax scams employed people here, not over seas,

there would be more taxes to collect and less people begging on the streets.


June 18th 2013

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Disabled Victories

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Tue, September 11, 2012 04:01:18

In Great Britain, we have witnessed, with unprecedented enthusiasm, the huge achievements of our Paralympians in winning a total of 120 medals and achieving sell out attendances from the British public - far exceeding the expectations of everyone involved.

But how swift were our team to use their newfound media exposure to condemn the actions of the coalition government in seeking to re-classify huge numbers of the disabled members of our society in a bid to slash the fiscal support given to those who have already suffered the cruelty of physical deprivation.

Our paralympic athletes have spoken out against Prime Minister David Cameron and his very unpopular Chancellor, George Osborne, the man responsible for paying mega millions of pounds in contracts awarded to private companies that use 'tick boxes' to arrive at decisions on the fate of the disabled.

Many hundreds of thousands of disabled people face big reductions in their fiscal support when their Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is ­replaced with ­Personal Independence Payments as part of a cost-cutting plan.

Last week George Osborne was comprehensively booed as he had the hypocrisy to face the 80,000-strong crowd at the ­Olympic ­Stadium in London, to present medals to winning Paralympians.

Competitors told of their anger at the Coalition cuts which will see benefits worth between £20 and £131.50 a week slashed next year, while company directors and shareholders will enjoy much greater financial gains from their involvement in the process. Many charities who exist to help disabled people also spoke out about these coalition plans - it is they who will no doubt strive to do what they can to assist people in appeals against the decisions that reduce their support.

Speaking as one of those waiting to have the call for reassessment of my disability, I am already aware that the harm done in pursuit of these 'savings' will cost society dearly - look at the stats for sudden deaths among those that have had benefits removed - about 4 per DAY! Stress, depression and sheer desperation have lead some to suicide and others to succumb to heart attacks, strokes, etc. Of those that have appealed against the decision, around 40% have so far won their appeals, underlining how poor the decision making process has been.

If the net result of these decisions was to take fit people out of the DLA benefit system and make real savings, then maybe it would have some value - but those people are still going to be unemployed, along with the 2.5 million fit people who cannot get work in the current economy. In reality, if you take one benefit away from those people, are they not then entitled to another benefit, or do they really live on 'thin air'?

It is merely political posturing at the expense of some of the most vulnerable people in society - attempting to show that this government can make savings in the benefit bills, while paying mega millions to the companies that use tick boxes to reassess people who have previously been assessed by their doctors and surgeons - the people who actually know what they are doing!

The money may seem to be saved if we look at raw stats - but when you take into account the contract payments, the increase in other benefit payments and the sheer cost in human lives - who can really believe there is a saving at all?

Mega rich people and companies continue to bypass the tax laws with one clever scheme after another, politicians found to have over claimed expenses are all too quickly found another juicy post and the banks who have been blamed for causing the misery of the current fiscal debacle still cream off huge salaries, bonuses and share options that could have kept many severely disadvantaged (and often sadly silent) people just above the bread line - at no cost to the average taxpayer who has no means of wriggling out of PAYE and other taxes.

Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne need to be held to account and if there was any real democratic power for the general public, we should have option to impeach them and any other politicians who expect the solution to the nation's fiscal woes to come from those with little power to make themselves heard.

Disabled people have won many applauded victories this summer - now it is time for us to ensure they win the biggest battle of all - the right to life without a begging bowl!

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Let's Get Real Jobs Back Again

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Mon, September 03, 2012 12:07:52

So far the Coalition government in the UK has failed to give us any confidence in their policies bringing about a recovery to the economy. Sooner or later the public will lose patience altogether and stop accepting excuses about the problems they inherited from the previous administration, etc, etc. They are in charge now and must fulfil their promises or there is a real danger that society will wake one morning to find that another incident has triggered more riots and looting as seen last year.

How about starting a recovery in the economy to turn things around before we reach collapse like that seen in Greece? Like giving jobs to people rather than machines - after all, very few machines have a home and family depending upon them! So far this government has managed to engineer far more job losses than real jobs created.

Oh and none of those machines pop out to the shops to buy groceries, clothes, furniture, etc, so they won't contribute to a revival in the retail and wholesale trades either, nor do they pay taxes... The false claims of big business that they need to automate more to keep production in the UK are often cover stories - in reality the savings they make get used to make the rich richer, with all those clever tax avoidance schemes making a total mockery of 'fair taxation'.

You never know, it could become a trend - employ people - get a big reduction in benefits bills, get more income tax revenues, more tax revenues from the increased retail sales that would follow as people begin to have a living income again!

Even better, find fewer companies going bust, more house sales to breathe life back into the building industry, which always brings more sales to the DIY and furnishing retailers.

And maybe the government could stop giving private companies billion pound plus contracts, just to find ways of depriving disabled people of the paltry benefits that keep them from sitting at the back of the queues for jobs that simply do not exist!!!

There are no real savings to be made by merely shifting people from one benefit to another, knowing that they will never be employed while 2.5 million fit people are already without jobs.

What we can be sure of is that the companies paid vast sums to play with the classifications of disability are paying high salaries and bonuses to their directors and payments to shareholders which have been taken out of the pockets of people who already lead blighted lives.

This is our country and our government - meant to work for the electorate as a whole, not to decimate the social welfare systems that have prevented meltdown of society.

And as an aging population find their pensions are almost worthless compared to expectations, will we see a wave of properties being sold to finance retirement - leading to a fall in property values and more negative equity problems? We have seen many care homes failing as their clients have insufficient funds to pay for spiralling costs - the situation is only going to get worse as local authorities continue to be squeezed...

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A New Day Dawns

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Mon, September 03, 2012 11:34:16

Her yellowed eyes weren't blinking,
despite so very many crawling flies,
seen to be covering her stilled face,
nor did she hear the fearful cries,
of the many other children around her,
as they all lay weak and forelorn,
and we all knew that many more voices,
would be stilled before the new day's dawn.

Those swollen bellies of edema, cruelly deceive the eye,
malnourished as they are, yet still so very rotund,
a mean trick upon those who have so little protein,
their stick thin legs and arms lying limp and moribund.

Meanwhile back in our big cities, the bins bulge too,
with waste food that would have saved lives in the right place,
and people are dying with obesely swollen bellies and chaffed thighs,
would they not have wished they had instead, fed some distant face?

Maybe in the future, will we learn to balance all we do,
and let all the world know we are but one human race,
ready to spend less on the baubles that the ad men push so hard,
as a new day dawns for all, would be a gift of grace...

November 4th 2010
Edited September 2nd 2012

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Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Tue, August 28, 2012 22:27:30

Don't ever think that you could be naive,
just because violent deaths make you grieve,
for the choice to kill is itself an unwordly act,
beheading party goers is abhorrent, that's a fact
for to kill is only to invite revenge to come your way,
many can be sure that is how they will die one day.

In the long history of violence it is plain to see,
those that kill others should never be let free,
not Anders Breivik who killed with bomb and gun
nor Mark Chapman whose parole hearing we shun,
the same is true for those who send troops to war,
for them to die by IED's buried in the floor...

It takes guts to stand tall and declare war is a sin,
but we all love our children and wish them to live in,
a world where senseless waste is no longer allowed,
where leaders find Gandhi the man of whom to be proud,
no better men than he and Mandela has history shown,
let their legacy be one where all our children have grown.

August 28th 2012

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They All Concurred

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Tue, August 21, 2012 05:20:16

They came, they saw, they concurred!
"It's been the best Olympics ever" I heard,
so if that wannabe president from over the sea,
wants to eat humble pie, then you know that's quite ok by me...

Meantime perhaps we should ask can he tell us all,
just "where is the beef?" in his political call...

Not that we're so bothered from right over here,
as our tiny island nation has so little to fear,
from the posturing talk that we all know so well,
tell me, are those his own gaffs on which he fell?

So many big bucks have been backing that man,
are they all written off against some clever tax plan?

August 18th 2012

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Buttons & Banners

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Mon, August 20, 2012 19:16:35

As the original post for my free resources on FanBox has become too large to add more images to, I decided to split the images into two posts, one for Text based images such as Link buttons, Headings and Tailenders, and the original for Object images.

This blog facility is not suitable to use for the same purpose, but FanBox members can use my hundreds of images in their blogs on the FanBox site.

Some of the Headings there are also suitable for use in Ads - where an image that catches the eye will always help your click through rates.

Here are some links to use to find the resources:-

My Resources Blog:- http://posts.fanbox.com/jzcr4 Mixed Images

My Resources 2 Blog:- http://posts.fanbox.com/sgls4 Buttons & Banners

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London Olympics 2012

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Mon, August 13, 2012 00:13:02

The magnificence of the opening ceremony at the London Olympics has been equaled by the glorious star studded closing ceremony which I have just been watching.

My Congratulations to the USA team for coming out top in the Olympic Medals Table, and of course our British team for significantly outperforming the expectations we had of them. As a small island nation we did rather well securing 3rd place very comfortably behind the vastly larger Chinese and American nations.

Now it is over I think even Mitt Romney will need to concede he made a huge gaff in his ill judged comments before the event started. He seems destined for failure in his campaign for the White House (trailing badly in the polls) and how comforting it is to know that long after his name has faded from view, the 2012 London Olympics will be remembered in history for their outstanding success in every regard.

©D Poet Rhumour
August 12th 2012

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Clobbering The Disabled

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Sat, August 04, 2012 19:55:15

Here in the United Kingdom, we are in real danger of becoming Dis-United through the harsh actions of the current government.

The most vulnerable of our 'have nots' are being truly clobbered by a process of re-examining the disabilities of those who have been registered disabled on the opinion of their doctor and in many cases their surgeon too.

This has come about by the government placing contracts worth many millions of tax payers money with companies who use 'tick box' forms to arrive at points for each diabled person they check.

The Channel 4 Dispatches investigation clearly revealed how unfit for purpose the tick box approach has been. While I am registered disabled due to spinal injuries limiting my mobility and making me dependent upon a cocktail of pain medications, I am hugely concerned for those I consider to be at undue risk of losing the benefits they depend.

If there were any jobs available for the fit population of over 2.5 million unemployed, then we might see some justification in listing unfit people for work. But there are extremely low prospects for them, so the exercise in spending many millions on contracts to companies just to reduce the list of disabled smells very strongly of politics coming before common sense!

Personally I have moments like now when the chemical fog allows me to use the internet - and I would be more than capable of contributing something if I could gain employment that allowed me to work from home during the times when pain was not dominating my life. After all I have a verified top 1% IQ, many years of experience in technical writing, good graphics origination skills and a flare for poetry that has brought me a chunk of online awards and a published collection.

But I don't see a queue of companies wishing to take advantage of my skills - they all want able bodied people who would be 'more reliable' than someone with ongoing health issues... So how will unskilled, physically disabled people manage to find work in a country where the economy is in the vice like grip of a double dip recession? No sensible answers to that question have come from the government...

It is notable that the one organization designed to employ disabled people in special facilities, Remploy, has been forced to close half of their 54 factories, closures that will result in the loss of independent income for many of the best placed disabled people! So they will ADD to the vast numbers of 'have nots' who will face poverty below the bread line for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile the ultra rich are getting richer, with their fancy schemes for avoiding the tax laws, the gap between them and the average UK workers grows exponentially and the bread line families who through no fault of their own are required to pay back tax credits after the Inland Revenue made big errors, are left struggling to live on even less than before!

Time for a re-think Mr Cameron, before your government deservedly earns the reputation of quite the most inhumane in recent British history!

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Worlds Apart

Life and all that...Posted by Dave D Poet Rhumour Fri, June 08, 2012 04:51:24
The real world is different for those born within strife,
if they are lucky they may grow to become husband or wife,
but for many, boy soldiers is what they were forced to become,
only eleven years old, but still their burden is to carry a gun.

How many live long enough to know that there are other ways,
within another country they wouldn't have been made military slaves.
Are there men with the courage to stop all the rape and slaughter,
does no one there value the lives of their son and their daughter?

We live in one world though still can remain worlds apart,
some wracked by fear and anger, some blessed with a heart.
There are no quick fixes for those slaves of bomb and gun,
they can't change overnight, they can't call on their mum.

Whole generations are destroyed by such ravaging hate,
can we blame their parents, no, the wicked ways of the state,
conflicts started in some distant past can blight generations,
driven by the blind hate between tribes, faiths or nations...

The futures of so many children lost before they were born,
just when will some chance come for a peaceful new dawn?
Be it Africa, Asia, or the Middle East where they live,
they cannot do as they want, they cannot learn how to give.

Yes we live in one world, but will they ever know ours,
where we watch from a safe distance, news on 24 hours,
they cannot see our fair reality isn't some fairy tale,
their future ever measured in blood splattered gun hail...

United Nations talk while more bodies are found in the street,
murdered by armies of those that they would never once meet,
death by strangers that seek to spread bloody terror to all,
resistance ain't futile, but it must come from everyone's call...

Don't wait for those sick battles to kill ever more,
children and mothers abandoned to die by the score,
peace won't ever come while power rests with evil men,
those with greed that freezes their hearts once again.

Talk has been never been cheaper than when liars speak,
they will say what we want to hear, while killing the meek,
ruling by terror must now be condemned to the past,
along with the leaders that murder the rest of the cast...

June 7th 2012

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